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As a Canadian womenswear designer, Rimpy Sahota finds her true passion in exploring her unique vision through her designs and collections. Having worked in forecasting, buying, and designing for top brands in the industry, Rimpy knows what it takes to run a fashion brand. 


Eco Fashion: Designed to Empower, Designed to Last.

All of our garments are proudly made in Vancouver, Canada, which means minimal and eco-conscious packaging when we ship to our clients. We believe in utilizing North American talent and strengthening our economy. 
Over 70% of our designs are versatile and can be worn all year-round. We design quality pieces for women who believe in investing in a sustainable future rather than seasonal, fast fashion. Shop less, invest in quality, and save our planet. 
All of our pieces are machine washable, and require no dry cleaning. Of course, we had effortless fashion in mind, but low energy use came as a remarkable bonus! Plus, we visit our cutters and sewers on a weekly basis to ensure our minimal waste practices are applied.

Women First, Fashion First.

We whole-heartedly believe in putting fashion at the forefront without sacrifice. Because the everyday working woman deserves to take pride in feeling confident in her appearance and our timeless, high-quality and fashionable pieces do just that! We also guarantee every piece in the Rimpy Sahota Apparel collection is made from comfortable, stretch fabrics that all women can enjoy wearing for any occasion.


Made for Women, by Women.

Our design philosophy is that all bodies are beautiful Rimpy Sahota Apparel takes into account that every woman has a different body shape, and we create flattering silhouettes for all sizes XS to XL.  
We believe in equality and we believe in using local talent. We employ and work with many immigrants and women who suffer with health and anxiety issues who can now comfortably work at home while providing for their families.



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